5 great tips for budget travelers


UpdatedTrends.com: While travelling abroad, finance can be a major deal-breaker if not handled well. A lack of finance could decide whether you leave out important destinations, sacrifice comfort or disrupt your scheduling.

In order to keep your finances in check, we have put together 5 important tips for all budget travelers

1. Fly Cheap – It goes without saying that flight tickets will be a major chunk of your expenses. A variety of airlines offer budget versions of their flights, albeit sans certain luxuries; but definitely worth the extra money you will be saving. Some common budget airlines are Tiger, Air Asia, Ryan Air and other similar airlines.

2. Accommodation – Your comfort levels may take a hit by staying at ‘Backpacker’ type accommodation; however the biggest plus for these places is that you will be able to meet fellow budget travelers, who will give you important information about the area and how they managed to travel cheap in that country. Couch-surfing is one interesting option.

3. Local travel – Every country has its own system of local travel. While travelling in a country like India, trains might be the cheapest alternative. While it may take up some of your time, if you travel at night, it’s worth the effort at less than half the cost as buss tickets in some places. For other countries it may well be the reverse, best to check with your Backpacker friends from the previous paragraph.

4. Eat local food – Eat what the locals eat in the areas you are travelling to. It may not be the best idea to have continental cuisine for every meal, so break it up and find out what the local delicacies are where the locals would go to eat and if you can get a less oily or spicier version to tickle your taste-buds.

5. Travel Buddies – Go online or to local internet café’s to find other people who are looking for travel companions. It’s a great way to save some extra bucks, make new friends along the way and learn what others are doing to save some coin in that particular country. People do post ads online as well as on shopping center notice boards, internet cafés and other such places.