5 precautions to take while treating convulsions


There can be various reasons for the occurrence of convulsions in a person. Convulsion occur when the muscles contract and relaxes in a quick reaction. Such a condition can be caused due to various reasons like brain disease, alcohol use, seizure, stroke, low blood sugar and fever. So if you ever come across such a situation, here are a few things which can be done to treat to convulsions.

1. Avoid injuries – Prevent the person from falling and injuring. If the person is on the ground, immediately clear the area of any sharp objects and place a pillow beneath her head.

2. Relieve the neck portion – Relieve the neck portion of the patient of any tight clothing or any jewelry  Such items tend to choke the patient.

3. Adjust the patient on a side – Try to adjust the patient on its side to avoid choking. During convulsions, it is common to vomit. While vomiting make sure the person is not choking.

4. Place a cloth on skin – When convulsions occur due to high fever, place a cloth on the person’s skin. After the convulsions have subsided, some fever reducers can also be administered.

5. Call for medical help – In extreme cases of convulsions, it is best to take medical advice ad call a medical personnel immediately.