Remedies to prevent nosebleeds in children

2248 Children suffer from nosebleeds  many times which can be caused due to various reasons. It can be due to allergies, respiratory infections or even due to injury to nose, but whatever the condition,  it is very disturbing and uncomfortable for the child.  Here are a few remedies to prevent nose bleeds in children.

1. Precautions – Make the child sit down and make sure that he/she does not lie down as it increases blood pressure in the head. Pinch the lower part of the nose with fingers and keep the pressure for ten minutes and then release to see if the flow has stopped.

2. Leaning – Make the child lean forward as this will prevent the blood from entering in to the throat. If the child swallows enough blood, then it can cause him/her vomit or can also choke. Use a soft wash cloth to prevent the blood flow.

3. Distraction – While you are pinching the nose of the child, try to distract the child by making her watch TV or reading stories. The distraction will make time go by faster and help relieve any anxiety in the child.

4. Keep the child quiet – Make sure that the child is not doing any vigorous activities for at least a couple of hours after the bleeding has stopped. This will prevent from recurring.