China assures Sino-Pak strategic ties not aimed against anyone


Updated Trends: China assures Sino-Pak strategic ties not aimed against anyone

Beijing has clariefied its views towards the Sino-Pak ties, which has planned to join both the nations through a rail network, passing through the Karakorum range. It has said that these ties are not done with any ambition to aiming a third country. Foreign Office spokesperson of China, Qing Gang, stated that these ties of building a rail network is only to increase their bond with the nation, as they have been strategic partners with Pakistan since a long time.

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He stated that such a tie up has not been done by keeping a third country in mind or anything else. It is rather a step of increasing prosperity and peace through the region. According to reports, Pakistan had kept forward a $1.2 million contract to an international firm, for constructing a rail line through the range which would be 750 kms long, this proposal was kept back in 2007.

Concern from India towards this pact, is that, the rail line would be passing through some disputed area of the POK (Pakistan Occupied Kashmir). According to External Affairs Minister, S.M. Krishna, India is keeping a thorough watch on the what is happening between the two countries.