The IMF Has Foreseen Growth in The World’s Economy


Updated Trends: The IMF Has Foreseen Growth in The World’s Economy

For most of the developing and developed nations in the world, the International Monetary Fund has projected that there will be a strong growth rate in the World Economy this year, which will be growing faster than expected. But it can’t be accurate that the growth would be steady, as this growth can be hindered with major financial risks, hampering its growth for the next year.


According to the IMF officials and economists, the growth can assured this year, but the chances of down sliding in the economy has risen sharply too. But all the development depends on how the nations around the world, as how they handle their economy, which they have clearly pointed out towards the European financial catastrophe, and also the emerging markets too. The IMF has said that, most of the growth in the economies would be seen in the Asian countries and especially the emerging markets in and around Asia. But the gloom of the European financial crisis deepens the chances of getting a steady growth rate in the economy. It’s up to the European markets how they handle the financial debts provided to the small national economies in the European continent.

The global growth rate has been predicted to be something around 4.2%, which had been foreseen in the month of April. But speaking of the dwindling European economy, the main worry comes from the countries like Greece, where the lending money to these countries has become a point of risk for the banks, as they are not able to assure the returns. This will for sure disturb the soundness of the bank’s financial resources. The IMP projected that the growth rate in the developed economies would 2.4% next year, compared to 2.6% percent predicted this year. And the emerging Asian countries would be having a growth rate of 8.2% compared to the 9.2% this year.