5 ways to boost your self esteem


    Updated Trends: The task of boosting one’s self esteem is not so easy and takes some time. In such a situation we tend to increase our flaws rather than maximizing the good qualities in ourselves. Building self esteem can be done but the process is slow and has to be done with patience. Here are a few ways to build our self esteem.


    1. Stop criticizing yourself – Do not concentrate on your bad and negative qualities as this can damage your self esteem. It is good t realize what you have done wrong but you do not have to enhance them.

    2. Learn to self compliment – Try to bring out your positive qualities. Pen down some of the qualities that you have and make sure that you give yourself at least one quality in a day.

    3. Think about past accomplishments – Remember all that you had achieved in the past. Take out all the photographs which would remind you of your old accomplishments and relive the moments of success.

    4. Do things that you are good at – If you love cooking and think that you can make some great dinner. Go ahead and hit the kitchen and make the best meal for your family, who will not stop appreciating you.

    5. Prayer – Nothing in the world has the power to bring about a change as the power of prayer.