Women with stress problems more likely to give birth to baby girls?


Updated Trends: A new British study has found that women who are stressed are more likely to give birth to baby girls. So all the prospective mothers need to relax if they hope to have a son.


Some scientists from the department of Public Health at the Oxford University in the UK had observed  women who were about to become pregnant. The study had found that those who were suffering from long term stress had more girls.

Moreover, those who had suffered from long term anxieties also took longer to conceive. The study has also suggested the circumstances under which the babies are conceived. For instance, the life style and diet also plays an important role in the development of the babies. Experts have said that the women should watch their lifestyle and diet while they are trying to conceive for a baby.

Dr.Cecillia Pyper has said that the research is addressed to all the prospective mothers in the UK so as to make the process of conceiving as healthy as possible. The research has also found that the stress and anxiety can also affect the development of the baby during pregnancy. The women are also advised to stop smoking and to also check if they are immune to rubella.