Health effects of obesity in children


    Updated Trends: When you think of obesity, normally we do not think of kids and assume that kids should always eat as much as they can. But this is not the fact. Obesity can also have its own ill effects on children. It is also essential to have a watch on your child’s weight and health. Here are a few effects of obesity in children you must be aware of.


    1. High Blood pressure – Sounds strange, but it is true that fatty food, sugars and high calorie food can result in high blood pressure in children. Children should be regularly screened for high or low blood pressure.

    2. Type 2 diabetes – Type 2 diabetes is usually found in adults and traditionally type 1 diabetes is found in juveniles. But now such a tradition is slowly changing and children too can develop type 2 diabetes with an improper diet.

    3. Cholesterol – Children are more prone to develop cholesterol due to a regular intake of fatty food, coupled with a high calorie diet. Such a condition was usually a concern for those who are over 30 years of age, but change in the lifestyle of kid around the world has increased the risk in children too.

    4. Depression – Obesity in children can lower a child’s confidence and they may find themselves growing larger. The depression results in some finding comfort in food, which leads to obesity and the children would also start feeling ashamed of themselves.

    It is very important for children to make sure that they eat healthy, exercise regularly and make sure they have lots of constructive hobbies to keep the mind at ease.