Dirty desks could lead to health problems


    Updated Trends: A new study has found that dirty office desks are a breading place for germs and can result in health hazards. Such unhygienic places can result in sickness of the workers, who work on their desks with cold and flu.


    Office supplies firm Viking had conducted a study of the desks in hundreds of offices across the UK and had found very poor levels of hygiene. The study had found that there were germs in almost two thirds of the computer keyboards.

    Moreover, there was also mould found underneath in some of the keyboards. Germs were also found on desks as well as phones. Viking had found the presence of germs after examining the swabs sent by hundreds of workers in the offices.

    The most unhygienic places were those of the accountants, computer staff and the lawyers in the country. On the other hand, social workers were more likely to have mouldy food on their desks. More than half of the workers did not even realize that bacteria could be growing on their desks, screens and keyboards. Viking also found that most of the office employees ate their lunch at their work stations and did not even clean their desks later. It is thus advised that the office employees must keep their work stations clean and germ free to remain healthy.

    Health officials suggest that people using laptops and phones need to disinfect their gadgets on a daily basis, and ensure that hand sanitizers are used before and even after using their devices. At the same time, food items should not be kept anywhere near the gadgets to avoid mold and fungus on their keyboard.