5 important eating tips for people with sensitive stomachs


Updated Trends: People with sensitive stomachs have problems while selecting the food they have to eat most of the time. The main cause of a sensitive stomach is an unsuitable diet. So it is important to know what suits you and what should be avoided in order to not further aggravate a sensitive stomach.


1. Fresh fruits and veggies – Fresh fruits and veggies are always sensitive stomach friendly. However make sure that you do not combine both with a meal. You can have bananas, kiwis and mangoes for a sensitive stomach and lentils and carrots while selecting veggies.

2. While eating – When you have a sensitive stomach, you mush ensure that you eat slowly and chew your food so that you do not end up swallowing more air which results in gas. Do not try to change your meal schedule everyday and stick to a daily time.

3. Avoid refined food – Noodles and pasta are a ‘no no’ for those with a sensitive stomach. Instead, one can have rice as the better option.

4. Avoid drinks during meals – During meals, you need to make sure that you do not have drinks as these can get along with the meal and make things worse for the sensitive stomach. Instead, you can have milk or soup which would be milder options.

5. Meat soup or fish – Fish is usually tender for consumption and can be a good option for a sensitive stomach. You can have meat in soup form or at least make sure that it is tender.

For some people, buttermilk or curd is a healthy option to keep the stomach clean, but for a correct list of do’s and don’t sit is advisable to check with your family doctor first.