Text Neck – a new ailment due to prolonged mobile and tablet use


Updated Trends: In this new era of technology, a new condition termed as ‘text neck’ has been discovered. This is a condition that arises due to the prolonged use of the mobile phones and tablet computer screens.

text neck

Such a condition can be caused due to flexing of the neck for long periods in front of computer screens or tablets. This has the potential to result in a permanent arthritic damage if enough attention or treatment is not given. Nowadays the cases of such strained injuries are increasing due to the popularity of the devices like laptops, tablet computers and smartphones.

According to the experts, the condition can also become severe and the muscles can adapt to the flexed position, which in turn would increase the pain. One of the chiropractors in the UK said that her company has treated many such patients and such a condition can also lead to the pain on shoulder, arm and wrists and also headaches.

Rachael Lancaster, from a clinic in Leeds, has said that Text neck is a condition that be caused due to the neck being flexed for a long time. Lancaster added that such cases are increasing due to the increase in the use and popularity of smartphones and tablet computers.

Doctors advice laptop/smartphone users to take regular breaks and practice neck/shoulder exercises regularly.