5 ways to reduce spiciness in food


    Updated Trends: You are making your loved ones’ favorite dish and you end up putting more spices in it by mistake. Instead of just throwing the whole dish away, there are also a few solutions which can help in reducing the spiciness of the dish and making it just as scrumptious as you had in mind. Here are a few ways to decrease the spiciness of a dish.


    1. Lemon – Try adding a few drops of fresh lemon juice or some crushed pineapple. The acidity in the dish helps in balancing the lemon or the pineapple, which makes it less spicy and edible.

    2. Yogurt cream – You can also add yogurt or sour cream, which helps in neutralizing the spiciness of the dish. Over spiciness makes the dish hot and sometimes it becomes hard to eat it as a meal.

    3. Sugar – Sugar is also a great alternative to reduce the spiciness of the dish. Make sure that you do not add sugar more than a teaspoon or according to the amount that you have prepared. Adding jaggery/whole cane sugar is also a good option.

    4. Serve dairy products – While dining, you can offer some neutralizing dairy products like cheese along with the dish so as to balance the spicy feel of the dish.

    5. Dilute – Adding more tomatoes, potatoes or carrots ( as per the dish) can also help reduce the spiciness.