Swearing helps in relieving pain?


Updated Trends: A recent study found that people who swear often are more likely to get relieved of pain, but only if people are polite. People who do not use bad words can get maximum relief from pain with the help of swearing.


Some of the researchers from the Keele University found that people who do not often swear regularly could hold their hands longer in ice water that those who often used bad language. It was found that swearing helped in relieving the pain.

Those who were not regular in swearing were able to hold their hands for 140 seconds when they actually swore , which is twice as twice as long when they used a neutral word. On the other hand, people who used to swear at least 60 times a day could hold their hands in cold water for just 120 seconds as they used foul language and the same when they used a neutral worlds.

Richard Stephen and Claudia Umland conducted the research from Keele’s School of Psychology and was published in ‘The Journal of Pain’. It is normally believed that swearing most of the time helps people in tolerating pain better with the help of provoking an emotional response leading to analgesia induced by stress.

Religious groups choose to disagree to this study and state that a person’s reaction to pain also depends on their mental and spiritual well-being and faith in a higher force.