3 ways to get relief from common cold


Updated Trends: The common cold is the most irritating ailment that one can have. Though it does not do much harm to the body, it can make a person irritable and leave the person with an infection, a stuffy nose and even cough. Things become even worse while sleeping as one usually faces problems while breathing. Here are a few ways to get rid of common cold.

comon cold

1. Plug your ears – It may sound silly, but plugging your ears with cotton before going to sleep can help in preventing the condition from worsening. Ears and nose have a connection and plugging the ears can prevent the ventilation of the air, which helps in preventing further infection.

2. Drink fluids – Make sure that you drink enough water or fluids so that the throat as well as nasal passages are well hydrated. It is best to have drinks rich in vitamin C as they are good in building your immunity to fight common cold.

3. Comfortable environment – Make your environment warm and comfortable so that you get sound sleep which is important to get rid of common cold. Turn off the TV, phones and the lights so that your sleep is not interrupted.