Making love after retirement helps older people live a happy life?


Updated Trends: A recent study has mentioned the importance of making love in order to lead a happy life after retirement. A study has found that people who have an active sex life after the retirement are more likely to enjoy their life as well.


The researchers found that there was a direct link between the number of times over the age of 65 having sex and their chances to lead a content life and a happy marriage. According to the figures, older couples who make love more than once a more were 50 percent more likely to describe themselves as happy.

The research that was lead by Adrienne Jackson, said that the study would help in opening the lines of communication and would also spark the interest in developing the outside the box approaches which dealing with the issues like preventing or limiting the older people in indulging in love making.

For the study, more than 238 married people over the age of 65 were studied in the US. It was found that the frequency of sexual activity was directly linked to the general happiness and the marital happiness. Figures said that 60 percent of the people who had sex more than once in a month were very happy in their general life.