4 ways to store bananas in the freezer


    Updated Trends: Bananas are good for health, but many people face difficulties when they try to store them. Not many are aware that one of the good techniques is to freeze them. Frozen bananas can be a good addition to make fruit smoothies, banana bread and banana ice-cream. Here are a few methods by which the bananas can be preserved.


    1. Peel before freezing – One can even freeze bananas without peeling them. But you might find it difficult to peel them while it is frozen. It may even become mushy and brown with the peels, which might not look appetizing.

    2. Wax paper – Before storing bananas, slice the bananas and arrange them on a wax paper so that they do not stick to each other. This will allow the bananas to freeze separately and it does not become one solid mass of frozen bananas. Freeze them for a few hours to make them frozen solid.

    3. Freezer bags – Another effective way to store the bananas is to transfer them to a freezer bag, which are nowadays easily available in the stores.

    4. Cut in to bite sizes – Cut off the ends of the bananas. Later slice the bananas in to bite sized then they are ready to be used for making chocolate covered bananas.