5 lunch box ideas for kids


    Updated Trends: It is very difficult for parents to fill the lunch boxes of their kids with some healthy stuff every time. Kids always tend to have tantrums and have their own choices too. In such a case if they are given some healthy stuff which they can also enjoy, it is bound to be a satisfying factor for the parents and kids alike.

    Lunch Box Ideas

    1. Fun sandwiches –Instead of stuffing the lunch box with the same old sandwiches, try to give them some fun shapes and surprise your kid. One can use the cookie cutter to give the sandwiches some fun shapes like stars, faces, hearts among others.

    2. Finger foods – Many children, especially the younger ones, are not too fond of sandwiches. In such cases, you can add some finger foods like small cubes of cheese, grapes, carrot sticks, roasted chicken cubes, pretzels or mini crackers.

    3. Give variety – Like adults, even children get bored of the same old bread sandwich in their lunch boxes. Try changing the bread with tortilla wraps or pitta pockets or even Indian bread (roti) so that your child gets something new and interesting every day.

    4. Surprises – Try to give your kid a few surprises like packing a small pizza made at home in the lunch box. One can also try a mini burger with some French fries.

    5. Dip stuff – Kids just love to have dip foods. One can cut some apple sticks and serve with some peanut butter dip. Else you can pack a healthy shwarma role with a cheesy dip.