5 ways to get warmed up in winter


    Updated Trends: During the cold and freezing winter days, it becomes difficult to warm up for exercise. Moreover, keeping oneself warm also becomes essential in such a weather. It is important to keep one self warm in such conditions or it may lead to hypothermia. Here are a few ways to stay warm on a freezing day.


    1. Warm clothes – If you are planning to go out on a wintery day, then make sure you wear as many layers of clothing as possible to keep yourself warm. Also make sure that you cover your head with a hat or a scarf.

    2. Hot drinks – Something like hot coffee, tea or a mug of hot chocolate are good beverages to warm you up on a freezing day. Tea and coffee are better in such a climate as these contain caffeine and help the body to stay warm.

    3. Warm water treatment – After coming back from a freezing weather outside, many times one feels like their toes or fingers are frozen. In such a situation, one has to just immerse their fingers and toes into a tub of warm water for immediate relief.

    4. Pack yourself in bed – In case you are not feeling warm enough in the house, then take out the blankets and wear warm clothes and get in to the warm blanket to warm yourself up.

    5. Run – Another effective way to warm up is to run and heat out and do some exercise.