Abortions directly linked to mental health problems


A new research has found that the women, who go through abortions are vulnerable mental health problems. The women who undergo abortion are more likely to face nearly double the risk of health difficulties.


The number of the mental health problems is more in the women who undergo abortions than the other mental problems. The study has said that the women who are seeking an abortion to see an independent counselor.

However, there are certain organizations that provide counseling, but the critics have opined that the advice that is given is often biased. A research was conducted by American academic Pricilla Coleman, which has added questions to the earlier finding that terminating pregnancy reduces rather than increases the health risks to women.

The results of the study had said that the abortion is associated with moderate and highly increased risk of psychological problems. The results had also revealed that 81 percent of the women who had been through abortions had increased the risk of mental health problems. The study also said that the abortion was linked with 34 percent greater chances of anxiety disorders. There is also 37 percent higher risk of possibility of depression the study revealed.