Burgers and fried food more popular than healthy salads in America?


Updated Trends: Despite some attempts to make eating habits healthier, with the introduction of calorie counts on the menus of the restaurants, many Americans still prefer to eat from sinful menus. It has been noticed that whenever Americans eat out, they prefer to order burgers and sandwiches and junk food, but just a few order some green salads.


Though some people say that if they want to eat healthy then they would never turn to McDonalds, yet the same people would order comfort foods like chicken nuggets and French fries when they go to a fast food restaurant.

According to the Associated Press, America is a country where about two thirds of the population is obese or over sized, but the choices of food is often impulse and not intelligent. 47 percent of Americans say that they would like the restaurants to offer healthy stuff, but only 27 percent of the population would actually order healthy stuff while in a restaurant.

This is the reason why fast food joints like KFC and McDonalds are so popular where everything is fried and stuffed with the fattiest stuff that can lead to a health hazard. Moreover, many of the restaurants which offer salads and healthy food do not specify the ingredients that they use. The fact is that the healthy stuff is only that which is moderate and of small portions.