Reduction of salt recommended to improve global health, say experts


    Concerns regarding salt consumption are growing fast throughout the world. Experts have said that reducing salt intake on a daily basis could probably save many lives globally.


    British scientists have asked the United Nations to take some drastic steps, to implement some immediate and effective steps to reduce salt intake on the daily basis. The health experts have claimed that reducing salt in the diet could save more than 8.5 million lives around the world for the next ten years.

    Such results are possible if people reduce just 15 percent of their daily salt intake. The United States was held as an example by the researchers, where they had claimed that thousands of lives could be saved.

    The researchers had also claimed that such a measure would also reduce health care costs by $24 billion, on an annual basis. Moreover, decreasing salt intake can be the cheapest measure in order to improve global health. The next measure to improve global health was to reduce the intake of tobacco. It has been presumed by researchers that reducing salt in the diet would have a good impact as it would reduce 70 percent of deaths in the world.