Exercise helps to recover from cancer after-effects


In some relief for those who are recovering from cancer, a study has said that regular exercise for just two and half hours in a week can be beneficial for the patients. The research has said that the exercise can help the patients, who are recovering from cancer.


The study that was carried out on half of the Macmillan Cancer Support had said that some moderate physical activity can help the patients in avoid the cancer to relapse. The study had also mentioned that regular exercising would also help in reducing the side effects of the cancer treatment.

The experts from the research have suggested that the doctors who are monitoring the cancer patients and the survivors, have to prescribe at least 150 minutes of exercise in a week. The exercise has been recommended by the Department of Health for cancer patients and cancer survivors.

Earlier, cancer patients were asked to rest after the treatment. But after reviewing almost 60 studies, it has been found that exercise can help in the recovery of the patients and would also present from long term illness. Physical activity can also help the patients to deal with problems such as fatigue and weight problems. Exercise can also reduce the side effects of the treatment like depression, swelling around the arms and impaired mobility.