5 ways to prevent burns in the kitchen


    Updated Trends: The kitchen is a place where great food is cooked and culinary creativity is unleashed, but it is also a room where unexpected hazards can take place. One must always be alert while working in the kitchen, after all, it is also a place where potential burn accidents can take place. We have a list of a few measures to prevent such burns.


    1. Be cautious with steam – Even hot steam is capable of burning the skin. While draining hot water from pasta/rice, do not let your face or bare hands get too close to the vessel. You must also be careful with the steam that comes out of the food taken out of the microwave, as it can be as deadly as fire.

    2. Hand protection – While handling hot containers in the kitchen, you must wear oven mitts to protect your delicate hands from burns. The oven mitts are much better and protective, as compared to square pot holders that can be risky when holding heavy vessels.

    3. Proper clothing – While working in the kitchen, you must wear proper clothing. As far as possible, wear cotton clothing and not synthetic, which can help in preventing burns. Also try not to wear full sleeves while cooking, and if you do, then roll up the sleeves.

    4. Handles of the pot – Make sure that you point the handles of the pot away from the stove. If they are pointing towards the other burner then the handles might get heated up and become dangerous to touch.

    5. Purchase safety gadgets – Make sure to purchase safety gadgets in the kitchen to protect the children. A mini fire extinguisher and some cream for burns could be helpful incase an unexpected situation takes place.

    Always keep in mind that prevention is better than cure, and when it comes to fire, remember what your mother told you!