5 ways to increase appetite


    Updated Trends: When one does not feel hungry, despite not having eaten for long time such a condition is known as loss of appetite. Loss of appetite is mostly caused due to the stress, anxiety, disease or even medication. Here are a few effective and natural ways to increase appetite.


    1. Eat bitter melon – One cup of bitter melon can be eaten. Bitter melon has some powerful ingredients like lectins and momordicine which helps in the digestion system as well as helps in increasing the appetite.

    2. Cinnamon – Make a habit to add cinnamon to your diet. Cinnamon has a compound named hydroxychalcone, that helps in increasing the appetite in a natural way. One can add cinnamon powder on apples or even wheat bread.

    3. Orange peels – Orange peels contain glycosides, which improve digestion and also boost the appetite. Use a cheese grater to grate the orange peel of one orange and add to one glass of water. Drink this mixture once in the morning.

    4. Dandelion root capsules – It is a natural appetite stimulant and has a substance called inulin, which also helps in digestion.

    5. Elm Bark – One can consume slippery elm bark in capsule form. It contains potent polysaccharides which help in improving the digestive system and also improves appetite.