Cigarette smoking in morning leads to higher disposition to cancer


Updated Trends: A new research by the scientists in the US has stated that people who smoke in early morning soon after waking up are more vulnerable to cancer. The research has said that the risk is more in the people who smoke early morning, than those who smoke later in the day.


The study had observed more than 7,000 smokers that was published in the journal Cancer, which had mentioned that the side effects were independent of the other smoking habits. The research has mentioned that smoking in the first 30 minutes after waking up had increased the risk of lung cancer.

The scientists at the Penn State College of Medicine in US had observed 4,776 smokers, who had lung cancer and 2,835 smokers who did not have cancer. The study had shown that patients who had smoked within 30 minutes after waking up were 79% more likely to develop cancer than those who had waited at least an hour.

According to the researchers, the effect of the first cigarette had remained even after adjusting the other factors like the number of cigarettes smoked in a day. In an another study which had examined 1,850 smokers and 1,055 smokers with head and neck cancer, it was found that people who smoked in the first half an hour were 59 % more likely to develop a tumor than those who had waited for at least an hour.