5 breakfast ideas that do not need cooking


    Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. One can miss dinner but breakfast is a must. Many times we do not find time to prepare breakfast and in such a case one also has the option to prepare something that does not need to be cooked. Here are a few ideas for breakfast that need not be cooked.


    1. Fruits – A bowl of fresh fruits is a best option, or one can pick a fruit with a thin skin like apple or that can easily be pealed like a banana. If you have a little more time then one can cut some fruits in a bowl and sprinkle some lime juice to make a good breakfast.

    2. Leftovers – In case you do not have time, one also has the option to have last night’s left over meal in the fridge for breakfast. A left over pizza kept in the fridge can also be a good option.

    3. Bread – Some bread with a nice cheese spread which you can always find it in the fridge can be a filling and satisfying breakfast option. You cal also make a vegetable sandwich.

    4. Microwave food – There are several options that can be just kept in the microwave for a few minutes for breakfast. No technical cooking skills are needed for it.

    5. Liquid – A hot tumbler of hot chocolate or a protein shake can also be a great idea for breakfast.