Children with working mothers have fewer behavioral problems?


    In a new study, researchers have said that no evidence has been found till now that would show ill effects on the social and emotional behavior of the children who have working mothers. There are also claims that children who have working mothers are more likely to be obese.


    Experts from the University College London have studied the data collected from 12,000 children. The researchers had analyzed the data collected by the children, who had working parents as well as children who had non working mothers.

    It was also found that the girls who had working mothers did not have much behavioral problems, while girls whose mothers did not work had faced a few problems near the age of five. In order to come to a conclusion, the researchers had asked the parents to report the problem of behavioral changes such as aggression, hyperactivity, clinging, nervousness and difficulty in socializing.

    Much to the relief, it was found that no evidence was found about the statement that working mothers had restricted the early development of the children. The study has thus shown that the mothers get to know it intuitively if they are able to get the balance between working and the development of the child.