Daily pill to help in combating HIV


Updated Trends: In some good news for those whose partners have HIV, they can now be protected against the virus just by taking tablets. New reports stat that even the partners of the people having HIV can be protected by just taking a daily once pill.


According to the two studies carried out in Uganda and Botswana, Kenya the protection is now possible. The new invention can now help to deal with AIDS, the experts have opined.

The attempts to promote the use of condoms to protect the partners against HIV in the remote places were hard due to the cultural barriers. The experts have now said that the people who suspect that their partners are infected with HIV can protect themselves even secretly if essential.

In a study where more than 4,700 couples had participated where one of the partners was infected with HIV took a daily dose of tablets. It was found that the people who took the AIDS drug tenofovir, had 62 perent less infections, while those who had taken tenofir as well as emtricitabine had 73 percent less infections. Moreover, the drugs also had less side effects, as it was important when it was given to a healthy patient. Such a study may in future even help in combating AIDS in many other countries also.