Top 5 ways to think quicker


Updated Trends: Many people suffer from memory problems as age progresses. This happens when the brain cells die and it then becomes it difficult to memorize new information. Apart from memorizing, it also becomes a lot more difficult to think quickly in complex situations. Here are some of the ways to slow down the decline of the brain.


1. Pay attention – When you are doing some particular work, pay attention to it and stop any other work for that moment. Allow your brain to concentrate on one subject at a time instead of confusing it with other unrelated work. Give your full attention to one thing at a time and don’t try to multi-task or you may end up giving less than 100% to your work.

2. Regular exercise – Researchers have said that regular exercise can improve the capacity of the brain. Just 40 minutes of walk at least four times a week can increase the blood flow to the brain and also produces new brain cells.

3. Mind exercises – Make a habit of doing some mind exercises like crossword, puzzles, word searches. While doing such mental exercises, make use of a stop watch and try to record a new time every time you do the exercise.

4. Socialize – Get involved in socializing and hold healthy and intellectual conversations. Start studying a subject and discuss it with others in the society.

5. Vitamin B – Consume the right amount of vitamin B. Speak to your family doctor for the right dosage.