Wristband to help people to lead a healthy life?


In some good news for those who are always worried about their health, here is a unique device for them. The device helps the people to help them to live the life in the healthiest way.

wrist band

It is a wrist band that monitors everything from their diet to how well do they sleep, etc. The device has been named UP, which has been designed and developed by the Bluetooth headsets manufacturer Jawbone.

The device gives the user several lifestyle goals to aspire. The UP gathers data of the individual, who is using it and based on the results of the data it analyses and even makes personal recommendations to the people to live a healthier life.

The recommendations help the individuals to live a happier and healthy life. Hosain Rahman, the chief executive officer of Jawbone, has said that they are focusing on creating a highly accessible solution that integrates seamlessly in to the user’s life. Rahman added that the device helps the user to lead a life with some goals, which would in turn help them to lead an easier life. With so many advanced devices in the making, another device is developed in Japan, which is known as the Nemuri Tie. It is a tie that helps the user to take a quick nap on their desks.