Poor eating and low income could hasten ageing process?


    Updated Trends: A New study has revealed that people who do not have a good appetite and have a less income, tend to age faster. Researchers at the University of Glasgow had found that people, who have a poor diet and also have a less income age faster compared to those, who eat well and also have a good income.

    eating habits

    Samples of 382 people from Glasgow were collected and examined. Some of the samples were collected from the affluent parts of the city while some of them were also collected from the deprived areas. The study had concentrated more on the telomeres of the people, which are the tails at the end of the chromosomes that shortens as the person gets older.

    The telomeres can also be used to measure the ageing process. The authors of the study had revealed that in the ten year period, people whose house hold income was less than £25,000, had shown a 7.7 percent of shortening of their telomeres.

    On the other hand, people who had higher income had shown just a 0.6 percent per cent reduction in their telomeres. In terms of a poor diet a 7.7 percent of telomere shortening was noticed, compared to just 1.8 percent who had a healthy and satisfying diet.