Ill effects of lack of appetite in toddlers


    Updated Trends: The stage of a toddler is one of the biggest challenges for the parents who are raising them. Children at this age are very vulnerable to health problems and also face lack of appetite or may even refuse to eat. If the problem is ignored then here are certain consequences that might affect the children.


    1. Lack of nutrition – Lack of nutrition can lead to malnutrition and is one of the extreme consequences of not eating. The chances of the child suffering from such a problem is less, but the condition is always likely.

    2. Loss of weight – If the toddler refuses to eat then there are chances that the child might lose weight. Toddlers are supposed to maintain a certain weight as it is a growing stage and a period of rapid development.

    3. Lethargy – All human beings get their supply of energy from food. In such a case if food and the right nutrition is not taken, then one can feel lethargic, which includes feeling if tiredness, lack of attention, mood swings and also lack of physical energy.

    4. Not much of concern – Toddlers are known for their unpredictable diet. Some days they might eat well, while some days they might throw a fit to eat a normal meal. If children do not eat well for a particular period, then it is not of much concern.