Best foods to be consumed in the winter


    Updated Trends: Cold weather is the best weather to consume foods that are warm and hot. In winter, people tend to consume more calories in order to stay warm as also to have more carbohydrates. Here are the best foods to be consumed in a cold weather.


    1. Carbohydrates – During winter, try to consume carbohydrates like macaroni pot pies, cheese and even spicy noodle soup. Carbohydrates will also help in keeping a check on the weight gain in the cold weather.

    2. Hot or warm foods – When it is cold outside, it is good to have something hot or warm. Some yummy soups and stews can be the best option for the cold winter. One can even spend time in the warmth of the kitchen due to the heat of the fire.

    3. Fatty food – Consuming fat helps to insulate the body and thus keeps it warm. Moreover, fat also helps in the absorption of vitamins D, A,E and K. During winter, when there is less sunlight it can get difficult to consume the vitamins.

    4. Liquid – In the winter, we tend to consume less water, due to which the body becomes dry and itchy. One should make sure to consume even liquids during winter.