Dieting not a successful solution to lose weight?


    Updated Trends: A study has claimed that the middle-aged people who plan to lose weight on the basis of dieting, do not always succeed. A long term study was conducted by the Medical Research Council which is government funded which provided evidence to this fact.


    The study has said that the people who go on a diet to lose weight, tend to put on more weight after some time. The researchers had studied more than 25,000 men and women and had concluded that dieting to lose weight was just a temporary method.

    Majority of the people who went on a diet had put on weight after some time. It was advised by the researchers that in place of following a strict diet to lose weight, they have to concentrate on not becoming overweight.

    The study which had observed the participants had found that only 10 percent of the people were able to controls their diet and had gained weight again in a span of a year. But it was also found that though the dieting plan might have failed,  the program had made many people healthier than before. Rebecca Hardy from the MRC had observed that the men progress steadily but once the women gain weight then they continue to gain weight relentlessly.