Tall women more vulnerable to develop cancer?


    Updated Trends: A new study has mentioned that tall women are vulnerable to develop the most common type of cancers. In a shocking report, the researchers from Oxford University had conducted a study which provided support to their claims.

    tall women

    More then one million women had participated in the study. The study that was published in Lancet Oncology had mentioned that for every four inches above five ft for a woman, the risk of her developing cancer increases by 16 percent.

    The researchers had observed middle aged women in the UK between 1996 and 2001. The study had found that the women who were taller than 5ft and 9 inches were 37 percent more likely to develop cancer than the women, who were under 5 ft.

    The study was only related to women, but the researchers had claimed that the height link was also there in men. The cancers that were related to the height factor had included bowel, breast, skin, ovarian, leukemia and malignant melanoma. Dr. Jane Green, who had led the study could not give the exact reason of the link between the height and the cancer. Green had just assumed that it may be due to the hormones or just because tall people have more cells. Dr Green also added that the height might not be the only factor but may also be a marker to other things too.