Movie time snacks have an alarming number of calories


    Next time you go to a theatre to catch your favorite movie, think twice before grabbing a tub of pop corn. The snacks that are provided at the theatres have shockingly high levels of salt and calories and should not be consumed if you are on a diet to lose weight.


    For instance, a full tub of sweet/caramel pop corn has more fat than a woman is supposed to eat in a day. While talking about the cola intake, an average bottle has 320 calories, while a hot dog with mustard and ketchup has 580 calories.

    The calorie count is more than a quarter of what women must consume in a day. The results are surprising as the pop corn which is supposed to be light, has plenty of calories in it.

    Looking at the growing health concerns, restaurant owners are now told to add a calorie count in front of the food items on the menu cards. This will help the consumers know what the snack actually has in it and will make them think twice before having it. The consumer group has also called for labeling the products so that the consumers are aware of the choices that they are making. Such a measure does not prevent the people from buying the products, but will just make them think twice before buying.