Calorie information on menu cards to help in weight check?


    Calorie information on menu cards in the restaurants helps and encourages people to eat healthy food. It was found by a review of the scheme, but has said that such a measure can help only in a limited way.


    In the year 2008, a law was passed in New York which had ordered restaurant owners to include the calorie count chart in the menu cards. Before and after the law was passed, the customers were quizzed about the nutritional value on the menu cards.

    The study which was conducted by the NY health department had shown that out of six people, one person had used the information while most of the people had reduced the intake of food. Now even the UK restaurants are introducing a similar scheme.

    The fast food chains which included the popular ones like KFC and McDonalds had signed up to display the calorie information as a part of the government’s responsibility deal. It was also observed that the customers who had seen the information had consumed 106 fewer calories than those who did not use the information. But on an overall basis there wasn’t any improvement in the average calorie consumption of the people.