Children spending more time on screens prone to obesity and mental problems


Updated Trends: A study has warned the parents that kids spending too much of time in watching TV and playing computer games are more likely to have an increased risk of obesity. The parents should always be aware of their children spending time on the TV, smart phones, portable games, and other devices.


It has to be observed by parents if their children are active enough. Spending too much of time watching TV can lead to a sedentary lifestyle. This could also lead to problems related to obesity and also mental health.

The researchers from Bristol and Loughborough universities made these claims in a study that was published on Wednesday. The researchers had questioned 63 children aged 10 and 11 and had found that they had enjoyed looking at the screen more than playing.

Russ Jago from the University of Bristol had said that in such a situation, health campaigns are recommended to create awareness among the parents, to make their children spend less time in TV and other screens. The children in the study had access to at least five devices at a time and that most of the devices were portable. The study had noticed that the children would move the portable devices from their bedrooms to family rooms, depending on whether they wanted privacy or not.