Passive smoking could lead to hearing loss, says new study


    Updated Trends: Smoking is extremely dangerous for health, but not many are aware that even passive smoking can do enough harm to the health. Studies have revealed that passive smoking aka. second-hand smoking can lead to genetic damage to the sperm cells and even hearing problems in early childhood.

    Passive Smoking

    In some shocking news, the reports state that passive smoking can also lead to the birth defects and can also results in miscarriages and other reproductive problems. On the basis of a study of mice, scientists found that tobacco smoke is capable of damaging the DNA due to the 4000 chemicals in the smoke.

    According to the research, the boys or men who are regularly exposed to passive smoking could suffer from reproductive problems. This might even results in infertility or children with congenital defects.

    A study was conducted by Carole Yauk, from Health Canada in Ottawa, who had found that the mice who were exposed to smoke of the burning cigarette had suffered from a significant increase in the number of DNA mutations in the germ cells of the testes that are responsible of making sperms. It was also revealed that passive smoking in early childhood can increase the risk of developing hearing problems. This is the first time a research has found a direct link with hearing loss with passive smoking.