5 remedies for an upset stomach


    Updated Trends: An upset stomach is a condition which tends to turn down the energy level of the person too. In such a situation, one has to make sure to eat foods that soothe the stomach and which do not aggravate the condition. There are several foods that are termed as mild and can be taken in such a condition.


    1. Milk – A warm glass of milk can be very soothing for the stomach. The warmth of the milk helps in making the person feel better, especially when the pain is severe. But the remedy might not work for those who are lactose intolerant.

    2. Toast – When a person is suffering from a bad stomach, many times this also leads to the feeling of nausea. Toast is a food that can be taken safely and will not make the person feel nauseous. Have unbuttered toast and drink lots of water.

    3. Ginger – Ginger is the most amazing spice with several advantages and uses. It soothes the stomach and also relieves the person suffering from nausea. One can have ginger in tea also.

    4. Saltines – In case of a delicate stomach, if toast does not work then one can have the plain water and crackers or even saltines. Moreover, they are also easy to keep at hand.

    5. Coconut water – Coconut water works like a magic drink for a bad stomach. Just keep sipping some coconut water at regular intervals till the condition subsides.

    If the pain still persists, it is advisable to check yourself up at your family doctor and follow the prescribed medication.