4 ways to rectify bad eyesight


    Updated Trends: There are various reasons for having a poor eyesight. Some people complain of blurred vision and even blind spots. In case you are experiencing certain changes in your eyesight, then an ophthalmologist must be immediately approached. There are a number of ways by which the eye sight can be corrected.


    1. Contact lenses – Contact lenses are the most modern ways to correct eyesight. They are like small lenses placed on the cornea of the eyes. Earlier, the contact lenses used to be hard and uncomfortable. But now there are softer lenses available in the market.

    2. Eye glasses – Eye glasses can also be worn to correct poor eyesight. One has to visit a professional ophthalmologist who may be able to identify your problems and give you the correct glasses to wear.

    3. Correction surgeries – Nowadays such minor eye sight problems can be rectified with simple surgery, which does not even involve any suture or incisions. But bear in mind that such corrective methods can be expensive, even though the treatment is effective and safe.

    4. Magnifying lenses – Magnifying lenses are held by hand and can be used for reading or to look in to minute objects. Some glasses also come with a small light for illumination. Though these cannot ‘rectify’ poor eyesight, they can help in not straining your eyes further.