Importance of having breakfast for kids on day of test


    Updated Trends: It is essential for children to have maximum potential on the day of a school test. Many children, due to nervousness and anxiety, skip breakfast which tend to make them irritable and hungry. Certain studies have shown that having breakfast improves the concentration power of the child in several ways.


    1. Efficiency – A good and healthy breakfast helps the child with strength and also helps to maintain the energy the whole day. It also helps the children with tiredness, hunger and irritability.

    2. Improved performance – Children who have a healthy and balanced breakfast perform better in the tests. A study had shown that children who sat for a test after having breakfast scored better than the children who did not.

    3. Better concentration – Having a healthy breakfast has direct links to improved concentration with greater span. Concentration is more important for children who are appearing for a test. Concentration helps children to perform better and achieve higher results. No breakfast can results in lack of concentration.

    4. Good mood – A nice breakfast session helps to keep the child happy and in good mood. A good mood also motivates the child to work hard and get better results. Breakfast also thus helps in mental preparation of the child.