Top 5 best uses of vinegar


    Updated Trends: Vinegar is an ingredient which is quite basic for every household. The uses of the ingredient are plenty, but many people are not even aware of the uses of vinegar. The best part is that it is inexpensive and easily available.  If you are not sure how to use vinegar, here are the top five ways you can incorporate it as part of your daily routine.


    1. Acne – For those who are suffering from acne, it is possible to get rid of the problem with vinegar. It washes the pores and many health reports have also recommended vinegar face wash as a treatment for acne.

    2. Boiling eggs – Many times eggs break when they are put into boiling water. To avoid the breaking of the eggs, add a teaspoon of vinegar to boiling water and then add the eggs to boil.

    3. For cleaning – Vinegar can also be used to clean the kitchen utensils, removing soap scum from the bath tub and also to clean the windows. The ingredient has the capability to cut through the grease and leaves a shiny surface.

    4. Controls glucose levels – Certain reports have said that the vinegar helps in keeping a watch at the glucose levels. It is more effective for certain people suffering from diabetes.

    5. Weight loss – Some have even considered cider vinegar as a home remedy to lose weight.