Use of anti-depressants increase in England?


    Updated Trends: Certain new figures have stated that the number of people taking anti-depressants has increased in the recent years. The Office for National Statistics has revealed that in the year 2009, more than 39.1 million prescriptions have been handed out.


    The figures were just nine million in the year 1991. Due to the work stress in todays world, it can be observed that the use of the anti-depressants might has increased in a big way.

    Analysts say that people nowadays have been over burdened with work and the trend also can be seen in teenagers and children due to exam and study pressure. According to the social study, in the year 2009-10 nearly 11 percent of the people in England were diagnosed with depression.

    The figures were similar in Northern Ireland, while 8.6 percent was recorded in Scotland and 7.6 percent in Wales. It was also revealed that women are more vulnerable to have a common mental disorder like depression or anxiety compared to men. The head of the information at mental health charity Mind, Bridget O’Connell has said that talking therapies and watchful waiting are the treatments that are recommended for mild depression, rather than taking drugs. Bridget added that many people do not have access to the talking therapy and so the doctors do not have a choice to prescribe medications.