Diesel emissions could lead to heart problems?


    Updated Trends: A recent study as revealed that diesel vehicles emit some harmful particles that are hazardous to the health. Some tiny particles are emitted by diesel exhaust fumes, which can pose a threat to the health of the heart.


    Some scientists from Edinburgh University have found that fine particles that are emitted from a diesel exhaust are harmful for the blood vessels. This in turn can increase the chances of blood clots in the arteries.

    The clots in the arteries can in turn lead to a heart attack. The research had also warned about the harmful effects of traffic fumes. Some of the researchers from Italy too had warned about the exposure to the tiny particles which can pose a greater risk to the deep-vein thrombosis.

    Dr. Mark Miller from the University of Edinburgh had said that while there are several studies which say that the fumes are harmful to the lungs, there is also evidences that it does have a strong impact on the heart as well as the blood vessels. Miller added that the gases and the particles have the capability to affect the blood pressure. The particles also produce highly reactive molecules, which in turn injure the blood vessels and lead to heart problems.

    So the next time a diesel vehicle is passing you by, make sure that you cover your nose with a clean handkerchief.