5 things a diabetic must do


    Updated Trends: Is it really a myth that a diabetic patient cannot consume sugar? New reports state that it is only a fact that a diabetic patient should have sugar up to a certain level since even low blood sugar levels are not good for the patients. It is essential to maintain a balance. After being diagnosed with diabetes, here are five things a diabetic must do.


    1. Lose weight – The first thing a diabetic must do is to lose weight. Studies have shown that losing weight helps in managing the sugar level in the body. Losing weight can also reverse the progress of the disease and plays an important role in keeping your diabetes in control, when teamed up with a healthy diet.

    2. Exercise – It is essential to do regular exercise to stay fit and also energetic through out the day. It keeps the metabolisms and the blood sugar levels in control.

    3. Stay away from stress – Stress is another major culprit that worsens the condition of a patient with diabetics. Try to be happy and stress free. One can meditate and concentrate to stay away from stress. Leading a healthy prayer life is also a good way of dealing with worries and troubles.

    4. Give up starches and sugar – After the diagnosis of the disease, you must give up starches and reduce the intake of sugar. Only patients with severe condition must give up sugar completely, while the others must keep the sugar intake level at the minimum.

    5. Know the facts – A patient of diabetics must know all the facts about the disease. (Ignorance is Not bliss) One has to know what can exactly happen to your body and be prepared to change your lifestyle completely.