High protein diet helps to reduce hunger pangs in obese people?


    Updated Trends: In some good news for the obese men trying to lose weight, dietary protein may come in to their rescue. A new study has revealed that consumption of dietary protein increases the fullness in obese people and helps in weight loss too.


    Heather Leidy, the study author said that the diets containing 18 to 35 percent of the everyday calorie intake from the dietary protein, helps in reduction of the hunger pangs and thus increases the fullness throughout the day.

    Such a diet also helps in maintaining the feeling of fullness even during the evening hours. The author had studied two groups who had consumed different amount of the proteins. An eating frequency sub study was also conducted by the author and her associates, in which the participants were on both normal and high protein diet.

    The participants had consumed either three or six meals per day. The researchers had found that the frequency of the diet had no effect on the appetite and the level of satiety on the normal protein diet. The participants who had three meals per day had experienced fullness till late night than the participants, who had six meals per day. A study had also found that people who had consumed eggs for breakfast had lost 65 percent more weight than the regular breakfast.