5 important times to wash your hands


    Updated Trends: Washing hands is what most of the people of today ignore while doing house hold chores. One has to realize that it is really important to wash hands in order to avoid infections from entering your body or the food that you drink. Hand sanitizers are good, but are not so effective when it comes to tough germs.


    1. Restaurants – One should obviously wash hands before having a meal at a restaurant. It is more essential in places where buffet style dinning is followed, as this is the place where the germs are found the most. It is suggested that you do not use hand sanitizers since it is not good to use it when food is involved.

    2. Public get-togethers – Public gatherings are the most vulnerable places for germs to breed. This is the place where one can find a lot of sneezing, blowing and sniffing, so make sure to keep yourself away from the hands of such people.

    3. Schools – Schools are undoubtedly the most vulnerable place for the breeding of germs. As soon as the children are back from school, make sure their hands and face is thoroughly washed. Make it a daily habit so that germs won’t spread.

    4. Hospital – A visit to the hospital can also bring along plenty of germs along with the person. After returning from the hospital make sure that your hands, face and neck.

    5. Vegetable shopping – One may not be aware, but vegetables too bring along pesticides and also dried meat blood. So as soon as you are back from the market, wash your hands and face immediately. If it is possible, take a bath.