Control overeating in 5 simple ways while on vacation


    Updated Trends: Holidays are a time when most of us tend to overeat and ‘pig out’ and as a result, we tend to gain a lot of weight. Most of us do not bother about what we are putting in to our tummy and feel a lot more hungry than the active days that are spent. Here are the five ways one can avoid over eating during holidays.


    1. Small plate – Some of the studies had shown that one tends to eat less in a small plate. You do not have to be too conscious about it, because you will notice that you will definitely end up eating less in a smaller plate.

    2. Light meal – Instead of a heavy meal, one can opt for a lighter part of the meal. For instance, one can have the breast part of the turkey as it contains less fat, instead of the drumsticks or wings.

    3. Do not over eat – When you feel full, then you should stop eating at that moment. Overeating is the major culprit for gaining weight and don not force yourself to eat more that you want to.

    4. Eat before a feast – One should eat something before a big feast at home or outside. In such a case, one tends to eat less at the feast, which avoids all fats from entering the body or else on an empty stomach, one can easily overeat.

    5. Desserts – Make sure that the dessert is consumed in moderate quantities so that less calories are consumed. A good way to keep a tab on that sweet tooth is to make sure you take half the dessert portion that is served.

    Remember to drink lots of water, and keep yourself hydrated at all times. Munching on carrot and celery sticks is a healthy way of dealing with your hunger.