Top 5 places to visit in Turkey


Updated Trends: Turkey is a Eurasian country, located in the Western Asia. The country is known for its exotic beaches at the Mediterranean coastline. When in Turkey, here are the best places to visit.

Hierapolis and Pamukkale

1. Hierapolis & Pamukkale – The place is one of the most popular holiday spots and it is also famous for the Pamukkale hot springs, which look white due to the calcium deposited by water. The tourists can bathe in the warm water, as the locals believe that the water has healing properties.

2. Istanbul – Istanbul is the largest city in Turkey. The city is also the only place in the world that is situated in Europe as well as Asia. One can visit the places like Blue Mosque as well as the Topkapi Palace.

3. Cappadocia – Cappadocia is one of the most popular tourist spots. The place is filled with volcanic rocks on which people had started to carve. The city is rich in history and is fascinating to explore.

4. Ephesus –The city of Ephesus has the best collection of ancient ruins. The city was found in the 13th century and was once an important port city.

5. Sumela Monastery – The monastery is located in a very difficult place, but is very fascinating. It seems like the building of the monastery is a miracle.